Koopa Rangers is the 1st season of the Koopa Rangers Franchise.

Plot overview Edit

Nintendo's mascot "Mario", finds an evil power that switches good guys with bad guys. Millions of years ago a prehistoric toad named "Doueeper" intrusted 5 out 6 power crystals (blue,orange,green,black and pink) to mystical creatures (Abominable Snowman,Sphinx,Yoshi,Sea Monster and Wiggler). Once Mario touched the evil power the whole Koopa Troop turned good but Mario's gang turned evil.

Episodes Edit

  • The Crystals Are Found
  • Megazord
  • Evil Prescott
  • Purple Ranger
  • Luigi
  • Ezekiel Elliot
  • Ludwig-Blue Ranger
  • Crystals Damaged

Characters Edit

  • Rangers

Ranger Name : Character Name

Blue Abominable Snowman : Larry Koopa->Ludwig Von Koopa

Orange Sphinx : Lemmy Koopa

Green Yoshi : Iggy Koopa

Black Sea Monster : Morton Koopa Jr.

Pink Wiggler : Wendy O. Koopa

Purple Doueeper : Roy Koopa (Episodes 4-8)

  • Allies

Bowser Koopa

Mame Koopa

Doueeper (Episodes 4-8)

Junior Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa->Larry Koopa

Roy Koopa (Episodes 1-3)

  • Villains

Mario Mario

Luigi Mario

Toad Toad

Peach Toadstool

Dak Prescott

Ezekiel Elliot

Wario Wario

Waluigi Wario